How Many All-Day-Runners were there in June? Any Why?

In honor of Camber Energy $CEI, the nano cap stock that ran bell-to-bell and closed up 268% today, on news that they closed an acquisition of that was previously announced way back in March, I got to wondering. 

CEI 1 minute today, on news they closed an previously announced acquisition

How often do stocks run bell-to-bell?  It certainly doesn't seem that it happens everyday.  Any what are the main reasons a stock runs bell-to-bell?

Let's define a bell-to-bell runner as a stock that has run over 20% from open to close.  Meaning if you bought at the opening price and sold at the closing price, you would have made at least 20% or more.

In June, I counted 8 bell-to-bell runners.

Bell to Bell Runners in June

So now let's examine the why.  When looking at the catalysts of these stocks, some of them made sense to me, and other absolutely made no sense.

In this post, I will talk about the 3 bell-to-bell runners that didn't really made any sense to me.  Meaning that they had catalysts, but I think most traders would have seen that news catalysts as inconsequential at best.

First is NovaBay Pharmaceuticals which gapped up and ran bell-to-bell because they release a press release saying that its drug for cleaning out eye-debris was now available for sale on Amazon.  Here's the chart:

1 minute chart of NBY

I mean, a direct-to-consumer deal on Amazon is great, but i'm not sure if its 800%+ great.  I remember a lot of traders on Twitter scratching their head about this bell-to-bell runner.

Then we had Melinta Therapeutics $MLNT, that got a sNDA (supplemental new drug application) accepted for its antibacterial drug BAXDELA.  So what's that mean?  Basically, the drug BAXDELA is already on the market and can be sold, but the company wants to tell doctors that they can use it for other infections.  The press release they issued just says that they filled out an application not that any action was taken by the FDA.

1 minute chart of MLNT

This stock I remember there were a few traders on Twitter who were trying to short this because this move really didn't make much sense.

Finally we have the craziest of them all, XpresSpa Group $XSPA, which is an airport spa chain, but somewhere, somehow people got the idea it was associated with cryptocurrency. (There was something how they owned a cryptocurrency patent on their website).

1 minute chart of XSPA

This stock move was 100% strange to me, and in fact the next day, it collapsed completely after the company announced an offering.

1 minute chart of XSPA the next day.

In the next post, we will talk about the bell-to-bell runners in June that did make a lot of sense why they ran, and we'll talk about how you could catch them in the future if you're paying attention.

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Nana Yaw posted -
Key phrase's   "why they ran"    "how u could catch them "
LOL....... Can't wait! 
$xspa is still really fresh in memory, is that what they call a clinical pump dump!

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